iRose CodeZero
Terms of Service

iRose Online CODEZERO - RELOADED is a lively community maintained and supported by enthusiasts and professionals that love what they do. We provide this website and its services to those that wish to join and spend their time in a friendly and relaxing environment. It is our goal to establish a friendly, helpful and enjoyable community. As with any other community some rules are needed to maintain the order and respect among its members. This page describes such rules and regulations.

All rules described on this page can, and most certainly will, evolve as the community grows and matures. iRose Online CODEZERO - RELOADED and its owners reserve the right to modify, add or remove any of the rules described below without notice.

We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel the service of any user at any time.

By registering an account on our server you agree to the following rules with all the terms and conditions and will abide by them.

You agree that you are personally responsible for the consequences that may result if you break these rules.

It is strictly forbidden to give access to your account to others, be that a friend or anyone else. If found out this will result in an immediate ban.

You are responsible for safeguarding your account and password. Any actions performed by anyone logging into your account will be attributed to you.

Discord Rules:
  1. Do not initiate flaming or bashing topics against the server. Find the right way and place to expose your views in order to improve the server.
  2. Do not post cheating, exploits, offensive, racist, religious or sexual content material in the forum.
  3. Do not harass GMs, Moderators or community members.
  4. Do not argue with staff members. If you disagree with something send a private message or contact the administration.
  5. Do not advertise or try to promote another server in any way. This will be dealt with an instant ban with no appeal.

In-game Rules:
  1. Do not cheat or break the intended rules of the game. That include exploits found in the game (if you find one inform a GM).
  2. Do not use hacks, bots or any type of memory injection program. The use or promoting the use of any hacking, automation or exploiting tool will be met with an immediate permanent ban.
  3. Do not bash or criticize the server in world chat. Use the proper channels to improve the server.
  4. Do not harass GMs, Moderators or community members.
  5. Do not advertise or try to promote another server in any way. This will be dealt with an instant ban with no appeal.
  6. Do not use offensive or vulgar language in world chat, if that is your thing do it in private.
  7. Do not disturb others during world events, either join the fun or leave the area.
  8. Do not create characters or pets with offensive names (in any language). You will be forced to rename it.
  9. Do not stop others from playing or enjoying the game in any way.
  10. Multiboxing is allowed only in isolated PVE areas and within common sense. Do not get into quest areas or disrupt game playing of others in any way.
  11. Multiboxing is NEVER allowed in PvP areas and it may get you a permanent ban.
  12. We allow the use of auto hot key while being active in game!. Consequences while being away from keyboard! PERMA BAN AND NO SECOND CHANCE! Every report is taking serious and we are watching closely! If you are not able to respond to any Admin, GameMaster, Event Team or Developer within 2 - 4 minutes you will receive PERMA BAN on all character involved! You will recognize a staff member by their title Administrator ,Game Master ,Developer, Event Team .
  13. Impersonating any Staff member is not allowed. Pretending to be a Staff member on a regular account, this includes copying the names of staffs. All staff members can be identified by their title Administrator ,Game Master ,Developer, Event Team .

Donation Rules:
  1. All donations and purchases are final. No exchanges or moves.
  2. We will not provide refunds under any circumstances.
  3. Any attempts to reverse or dispute a donation will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.


Last updated on June 8th, 2022