Dealers that travel around the planets to trade rare products have one important policy in business: Buy anything cheap and sell it at a high price. They are also very good at crafting items and selling those goods to make a profit. In the world of ROSE, danger cannot be avoided when traveling, so the Dealers know how to protect themserlves from threats. Helping out fellow adventurers for a price.
Dealer Job


Skill Name Type Skill Description
Market Research Passive Study economy. Increase Charm by 2 each time the level of this skill is increase
Gunshot Mastery Passive Increase Gun and Launcher damage
Combat Mastery Passive Refine combat techniques with a Gun. Increase Attack Speed when wielding a Gun or Launcher
Craft Mastery Passive Learn the essentials of crafting. Increase Maximum MP
Bagpack Mastery Passive Increase the number of items which can be carried inside a Bagpack
Discount Passive Enables its user to purchase items from NPC shops for less Zulie than the original price
Stockpile Passive Increase the chance of obtaining items from monsters
Hire Mercenary Passive Increase Maximum Summon Gauge
Weapon Research Passive Allows its user to learn weapon crafting skills. Increase Concentration
Armor Research Passive Refine your fundamental armor crafting skills. Increase Defense
Hire Warrior Active Summon a melee attack warrior by spending Zulie
SubItem Craft Active Craft Shields, Bags, Back equipment, Wings, etc.
Sword Craft Active Create One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords or Dual Wield weapons
Mace Craft Active Create Axes, Spears, Katars or One-Handed Maces
Bow Craft Active Create Bows or Crossbows
Magic Weapon Craft Active Create Magic Weapons such as Staff or Wands
Gun Craft Active Create Guns or Launchers
Normal Armor Craft Active Create normal Clothing, Hats, Gloves, Shoes or Masks
Combat Armor Craft Active Create Armor, Helms, Gauntlets and Boots
Magic Armor Craft Active Create Magic Clothing, Hats, Gloves and Boots
Item Divide Active Detach a gem from an item, or take an item apart in order to obtain its materials
Power Gun Shot Active Increase Gun and Luncher weapon damage
Twin Shot Active Shoot 2 bullets at a target in a single attack
Union Weapon Active Increase the caster's Attack Speed for skill's duration
Gun Smash Active Hit a nearby target with the barrel of your gun
Poison Fang Active Shoot a poisonous bullet at a target to inflict damage and Poison status. Enemies near the target will be also poisoned at the same time
Zulie Pink Active Throw a coin at a target to cause damage from a distance
Triple Shot Active Shoot 3 bullets at a target in one incredibly quick attack
Sniping Shot Active Inflict a great amount of damage to a target
Aim Sight Active Shoot a target from a considerably long distance
Zuly Storm Active Throw many coins to inflict damage on enemies near the caster


Skill Name Type Skill Description
Overcharge Active Enables its user to sell items to NPC shops for more Zulie than the original price
Hire Hunter Active Use Zulie to summon a Hunter that specializes in long distance attacks
Terror Knight Active Summon a Terror Knight
Stockpile Active Increase the chances of obtaining items from monters


Skill Name Type Skill Description
Craft Mastery Active Learn the essentials of crafting. Increase Maximum MP
Item Refining Active Refine equipment to enhance its performance. Increase item class by 1 when successful
Gem Cutting Active Produce a good quality gem from a low quality gem
Cart Craft Active Create various Cart parts
CastleGear Craft Active Create various Castle Gear parts